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Svea VAT Adviser AB is a part of Svea Ekonomi Group. The Group has a turnover of approx EURO 200 millon and has a staff of approx 2000 employees around Europe. The grooup are represented by fully owned companies in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway Estonia, Latvia, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

Svea VAT Adviser is Sweden's leading provider of VAT recovery services, but also have extensive experience in carrying out investigations on foreign companies' potential liability to VAT in other countries, VAT registration and VAT filings in other EU countries, consulting and VAT courses are included as in integral part of the business.

VAT Registration and VAT Compliance in the European Union and other VAT related services.

We are working as VAT consultants in regards to above both in Sweden and in ther rest of the EU. We try to be an externat VAT department for our clients. Regardless of if they need us in one or many countries. It should be and is an easy step for our clients to contact us if and when they have a need for our services. We have been doing VAT Work for large industrial groups i Sweden and abroad since 1994. And we are still successfully doing this.

Examples of business transactions that may lead to a VAT registration:

* Storing goods in another another country could lead to a required VAT registration.

* Local sales, a business that buys and sells goods in the same country may need to make a local VAT registration in that country.

Business to consumer sales in another EU country leads to a VAT registration when turnover exceeds the country's turnover limits.


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