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Svea VAT Adviser AB that was founded in 1994, is a part of Svea Ekonomi AB, which is one of the leading groups in the Nordic region in areas such as optimization of payment flows. with a group turnover of approximately SEK 1 billion and with about 600 employees, the Group is represented through its own companies in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. In the rest of the world by proxy.

Svea VAT Adviser
is Sweden's leading provider of VAT recovery services, but also have extensive experience in carrying out investigations on foreign companies' potential liability to VAT in other countries, VAT registration and VAT filings in other EU countries, consulting and VAT courses are included as in integral part of the business.

Recovery Audit work is also a substantial part of VAT Advisers work. This work originated from identifying lost VAT invoices in the clients accounts payable. The Recovery Audit service has from that developed into a service that scans a company for all sorts of fund leakage.

Our Services:  

VAT Recovery:

It takes knowledge and practices to succeed in VAT recovery and European companies are currently missing out on huge amounts of money by not handling their VAT recovery correctly. VAT Adviser has since long been a leading company in this area.

VAT Adviser assists companies in matters of international VAT and EU VAT in particular. In addition to counseling we are responsible for the practical management of VAT recovery. We have developed unique methods for identification and examination of vouchers and invoices, methods by which we have often significantly increased our customer's recoverable VAT volume.

Also VAT Adviser handles all declaration and application forms, and for liaising with the relevant tax authorities in Europe. VAT Advisers mission begins with the identification of recoverable VAT and is not finished until the recovered amount is in the customer's bank account.

Naturally it is of outmost importance that the reporting systems functions satisfactorily, so that customers are able to follow the recovery process whenever they wish. VAT Advisers clients can be found in all continents of the world, with an emphasis on large corporate groups.  

Read more about VAT Recovery here.

VAT Registration in the European Union

Companies currently use EU as their domestic market. This means that companies are increasingly doing business that are considered taxable in another EU country. Then a VAT registration is necessary and mandatory. A company that makes that kind of business has no choice but to make a VAT registration, if not risk a fine and penalty fees.

Examples of business transactions that may lead to a VAT registration:

* Storing goods in another another country could lead to a required VAT registration.

* Local sales, a business that buys and sells goods in the same country may need to make a local VAT registration in that country.

* Business to consumer sales in another EU country leads to a VAT registration when turnover exceeds the country's turnover limits.

There are more examples. Read more here

Recovery Audit, you do need it!

Many companies are unaware of the hidden leakage of funds that occurs in their administrative systems. A leakage that basically exists in all companies, often amounting to significant sums.

Companies tend to put to much trust in their own control and internal auditors so that they are under the impression that they have no leakage, or at least very little leakage of funds. Against this speaks the fact that companies working with Recover Audits rarely go empty-handed from a Recovera Audit project. Which is obviously pointing to the contrary.

We at VAT Adviser has been working to identify lost funds in our client's systems for more than 10 years. We are part of a group where the everyday work is all about liquidity-enhancing measures. The skills and experience we have accumulated in this area is unique in Sweden. Thinking about implementing a Recvoer Audit project? Do not hesitate to contact us. It will pay off.

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VAT  Consultancy:

The issue of VAT may be essential in international business settings. Therefore, please contact our Tax consultants already in the planning stage, both in individual transactions to be accomplished and transactions of more ongoing nature.

Our team of tax consultants who work with problem solving has many years experience and is linguistically formulated to communicate with most tax authorities in Europe. This, together with well-established agency contacts means we can offer solutions, even on complicated tax issues.

VAT Support / VAT now

Do  you have an urgent question in regards to international VAT? Then call us.

+46 900 105 50 50 / rate SEK 30 per minut. We are open between CET 9.00-16.00 closed for lunch 12.00 - 13.00.

Our experienced VAT Advisers answer all questions regarding:

  • VAT refund applications from other EU countries. Have you made an application without successfully recieving a repayment? Or do you want to know how to make an application, what is refundable etc?
  • VAT Registrations in other EU countries.
  • VATfiling in other EU countries.
  • International business transactions and its consequences (often these issues are of such import that telephone counseling is not recommended)
  • VAT issues in relation to invoicing or recieved invoices.


If you have any questions in regards to Svea VAT Adviser AB, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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