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Recovery Audit, You do need it! 

Many companies are unaware of the hidden leakage of funds that occurs in their administrative systems. A leakage that basically exists in all companies, often amounting to significant sums.

Companies tend to put to much trust in their own control and internal auditors so that they are under the impression that they have no leakage, or at least very little leakage of funds. Against this speaks the fact that companies working with Recover Audits rarely go empty-handed from a Recovera Audit project. Which is obviously pointing to the contrary.

We at VAT Adviser has been working to identify lost funds in our client's systems for more than 10 years. We are part of a group where the everyday work is all about liquidity-enhancing measures. The skills and experience we have accumulated in this area is unique in Sweden. Thinking about implementing a Recvoer Audit project? Do not hesitate to contact us. It will pay off.

Recovery Audit, what are we looking for:

  • Doublepayments
  • Errors in coding invoices
  • Payments in wrong currencies
  • Errors in handling of Credit invoices
  • Errors in VAT handling
  • Client based activitys

The Recovery Audit process:

  • Setting a plan for the Recovery Audit project in cooperation with client
  • Database from client AP etc is downloaded
  • Start of Recovery Audit project
  • Interim report
  • Analysis of the initial data
  • Control at customer site (performed by Svea VAT Adviser)
  • Refund of all identified lost funds (perfomed by Svea VAT Adviser)
  • Final report
  • Invoicing (the fee is always a successrate)

Competencies in the Svea Ekonomi Group:

  • Experience of Recovery Audit work since 2000 (Svea VAT Adviser)
  • Expertise in collection when required (Svea Collection)
  • Expertise about the legitimacy of the claim (Svea Law)
  • Judicial review of claim (Svea Law)
  • VAT declarations local and international (Svea VAT Adviser)
  • Group turnover of approximately SEK 1 billion and has about 600 employees, the Group is represented through its own companies in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and Germany. In the rest of the world by proxy.